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Love Rules! The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

by JUNiA Kids Sunglasses

We love love, after all it makes the world go round!  And the most love-filled day of the year is almost upon us again, Valentine’s Day!  Although we always try to show those around us how much we love them, Valentine’s Day is an extra special day when we show our loved ones, exactly how much we care.  It’s also loads of fun for the kids; whether it’s creating a homemade card, preparing a cute Valentine’s Day lunch for their lovebug crush or buying matching accessories for their bestie (we all remember the magic of a friendship bracelet!), we’ve compiled some of the best ideas for celebrating in this Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

And be sure to keep an eye out on this page as we’ll be updating it with activities, recipes and gift ideas from now until Valentine’s Day.



Matching Moment

One of our favorite gift ideas is for Valentine’s Day is a matching mommy and me moment and we are in love with the Rainbow Striped Tee from The Striped Sheep. Their children’s shirts are unisex, which we absolutely love and offer a mommy and me combo for girls and boys alike.  And for that extra special touch, The Striped Sheep even offer monogramming.



 The Striped Sheep


Master In The Kitchen
Cooking cute Valentine’s Day food ideas with your kids is always a lot of fun (although a little messy!) One of our favorite breakfast ideas for kids are Mini Emoji Pancakes, they’re super cute, easy to make and will bring a smile to any childs face and what more can you ask for on Valentine’s Day than that! 

We also love The Baker Chick’s delicious Raspberry Lemon Heart Cookies. They’re easy to make with kids and are a great treat they can bring along to school to share with friends! Bon Appetit!  


The Baker Chick Raspberry and Lemon Heart Cookies




We recently discovered Animodles and instantly fell in love!  Animoodles are plush building toys for children 3 years and up, allowing kids to see themselves as little makers and understand the value of our differences – how our unique parts can come together to make something amazing!  They show this with each Animoodles detachable body parts that can be attached to another Animoodle to create a completely unique and special animal.  What we love most is it inspires imagination, curiosity, creativity and encourages compassion.




Let’s Get Kids Active
We love gifts that encourage movement and get kids active! Teach My Yoga Mats have introduced an instructional yoga mat to help teach kids the basics of Yoga. We love this idea for Valentine’s Day, especially in February when the weather is still cold and dreary with lots of indoor time before spring blooms.

 Teach My Yoga Mat for kids


Friendship Bracelets
We all remember how much a friendship bracelet from our best friend meant to us when we were kids and there’s no better time for your kids to give one to their bestie and show them they care than Valentine’s Day.  We’re in love with the adorable friendship bracelets from Gaia Empowered Women.  What we love more than the bracelets is Gaia’s mission, all creations are handmade by refugee women resettled in Dallas using vintage, artisan-made, & sustainable materials.  Valentine’s Day is about love, that love extends to friendship, community and the environment and this gift has all three in spades. We love!

 Gaia Empowering Women Friendship Bracelet



Matching Sunglasses

Are your kids selfie kings/queens? If they love to be selfie-ready at all times AND love to be perfectly matching with their besties, a cute-as-can-be, protective pair of sunglasses is just the answer!  Shop our favorite Valentine’s Day picks for your kiddo!  


Valentine's Day Shop Kids Sunglasses