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This Week in #Microfashion | New York Fashion Week

by JUNiA Kids Sunglasses

It's #fashion darling! The month long Fashion Week festival has just kicked off in New York and we couldn't let this opportunity slip by without rounding up the top fashion week trends and shrinking them down for the kiddos, thanks to some of our fave brands!

It's all about Prints Ahoy, Shimmer and Shake and Crafternoons this NYFW! 


Shimmer and Shake

For the mini who isn't afraid to stand out in the crowd, Shimmer and Shake's super-luxe trend is for them. High sheen, bold colors and lots of glitz, they live by the 'more is more' mantra!

Kids FashionPrints Ahoy!

Tie-dye, animal, color-blocking...oh my! Clashing prints are HUUUUGE this New York Fashion week, nothing says 'look at me' fashion like a super cute tie-dye shirt! Bonus points if the tie-dye is homemade!

Kids FashionCrafternoon

We all love a good crafternoon with the kiddos and this trend is for the young (and young at heart) artists. Cotton, straw and home made details speak volumes for this bohemian trend. 

Kids Fashion