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Kids That Inspire | Redd Williams

by JUNiA Kids Sunglasses

We're thrilled to present our second interview in our serious of Kids That Inspire articles. Kids That Inspire aims to shine a light on exceptional kids; kids who are making a difference in their local communities, taking the fashion world by storm or even just kids with a passion to share. We believe every child is unique and we believe strongly in encourage kids to be themselves.

Our newest interviewee is with six (and a half!) year old, Redd Williams.  This California native is as kind as they come; Redd personifies the spirit of kindness, inclusivity and embracing who you are.

Read our full interview with Redd below. 

JUNiA: Hi Redd, thanks for being our Kids That Inspire series!  Firstly, tell us a little about yourself and where you're from.

Redd: I'm 6 ½ and  live in Los Angeles.


J: What do you like to do in your spare time?

R: I like to play Geometry Dash on my iPad. I also like to draw bases, like a super hero base that people survive in and I like to play with my friends.  

 Kids That Inspire

J: That's rad, it sounds like you love art!  Do you have any other hobbies?  Or what is your absolute favorite thing to do in your spare time? What types of hobbies / things are you interested in?

R: I like to dance and learn moves by watching Fortnite. My favorite dance move is the floss. I like to swim. I also like designing worlds in Minecraft and I like to make music with my Launchpad.


J: Wow!  We have a multi-talked mini on our hands! We love your confidence and would love to know how you draw on that? 

R: I like to meet new friends by saying “Hi” to them. I get asked a lot why I’m so white or why my hair is so white. I like to say that I’m an albino and that I’m just like everyone else, but I’m sensitive to the sun and I get to wear glasses and have white hair and white skin.


J: How would you encourage / what would you say to others to help them get the same level as confidence?

R: If I saw that someone didn’t have anybody to play with, I would go and ask him to play with me. I would introduce him to my friends so that they could play with me and my friends. I would be nice. 


Kids That Inspire

J: That's really kind Redd! Who do you look up to and who do you aspire to be? (a kind compassionate person, someone who makes others laugh etc)

R: I want to be like my Teacher Ashley. She is really nice and always helping me with my math and helps us with our tests.


J: Anything else we should know about you before we leave you?

R: I have a dog that’s named Hendrix and he’s a pug and he’s really cute. I have 3 brothers and my youngest baby brother also has white hair and white skin just like me. We are both albinos. We are the only albinos in our family. In our whole, whole, whole family, my great grandma Redding is also an albino.


Love Redd as much as we do?  Follow his story on Instagram @reddincolor