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Kids That Inspire | Solea

by JUNiA Kids Sunglasses

Here at JUNiA we believe every child is unique, we’re constantly striving to encourage kids to be themselves.  Our new article “Kids That Inspire” aims to shine a light on exceptional kids; kids who are making a difference in their local communities, kids who are taking the fashion world by storm or even just kids with a passion to share.

Our first ever kid who is inspiring us is seven year old Soléa.  This California native is taking the modelling world by storm; striving for inclusivity in the modelling industry and showing that it is our differences that make us unique and beautiful!

Read our full interview with Soléa below. 

JUNiA: Hi Soléa, Thanks for being our first ever interviewee for Kids That Inspire!  Firstly, we have to tell you we love your style, who is your style icon?

Soléa: Thank you!  My favorite style icon is nine year old fashionista @g.von.g - She inspires me to follow my dreams because even at her age, she is creating a big impact in the fashion industry and I'd like to do the same.



J: Totally agree!  When we were first introduced to you, we were immediately drawn to your confidence!  

S: My confidence comes from the people I surround myself with.  My mom, first and foremost, has taught me that no matter what the obstacle, I can do whatever I put my mind to.  I also have an amazing group of friends and a wonderful family who supports me in anything I do. 


J: We love that!  How would you encourage or what would you say to others to help them gain the same level of confidence?

S: I was born missing half of my right arm, however, that has not stopped me in following my dreams.  I am a signed model with Zuri Model and Talent.  I love fashion and modelling and I want to inspire other who were born a little different that no matter what, you can do anything you put your mind to.  I also want the world to not be judgemental of those who may look different because we are all human and just because someone was born unique, we can still do anything anyone else can, just in a slightly different way.

J: That's such a special message Soléa!  Who do you look up to or aspire to be?

S: I have so many strong independent women in my life, my mom, my grandma and my great grandmothers, that I look up to.  I just strive to work towards my goals of making a difference in a the world in my own way.

J: Well, your definitely on your way!  Before we leave you, is there anything else we should know about you? 

S: My name Soléa actually has a meaning; it's a twelve step rhythmic count in flamenco dancing.  My mom dances flamenco and she named me after something she loves doing.  I may be only seven but I want to make a big impact on the fashion industry, the modelling industry and the world.  I know I was born unique for a purpose, I hope that even if I am able to touch just one person, I have done what I am setting out to do. Being different IS beautiful and I want the world to know that.



Love Soléa as much as we do?  Follow her on Instagram @hypekids805