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How-To Guide | Matching Sunglasses to Face Shapes

by JUNiA Kids Sunglasses

Choosing the right sunglasses for your mini's cute-as-can-be face shape can take some guesswork. In addition to the all-important safety features of the sunglasses — like UVA and UVB protection, shatterproof lenses and durable hinges — it's important to pick a pair of sunglasses that will fit them well based on their face shape!

Not sure which sunglass shape best suits their face shape? No problem, we've made an easy to follow guide for you! 

Sunglasses for Round Face Shape

Counter balance a adorable cherubic round face of your mini with angular shaped sunglasses like POP or POW.


Sunglasses for Square Face Shape

Rounder edges, soft lines and corners are the winners if your mini has a square face. Best to give anything too angular a miss. RATTLE and FIZZ are the best shapes for these minis!


Sunglasses for Oval Face Shape

It’s hard look bad in sunglasses with an oval face — most sunglasses will look great on these mini's. Pro tip, just make sure the frames aren’t wider than the mini's face. Go for WOWZA and ZAP for mini's with an oval face.


Sunglasses for Heart Face Shape

Angular and square frames are super complementary for mini's with a narrower chin. Pick styles with sharper corners like BOOM and ZING.