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7 Fun Valentine's Day Snacks for Kids

by JUNiA Kids Sunglasses

Does you mini love to cook? Making a mess and getting their hands dirty?  It’s every kiddo’s dream, right?  Dreaming up and making cute Valentine’s Day food ideas for minis to share with their friends is a great way to encourage sharing, thoughtfulness and it’s a really fun (although a little messy) afternoon in the kitchen with your mini!

We have compiled an amazing list of the best (and our personal favorite) Valentine’s Day food ideas and recipes, your kids will surely enjoy!  Happy cooking and Bon Appetit!

Froyo Bites

This quick, easy and delicious treat comes to us via our friends at Babble.  These tasty Froyo Bites are not only a tasty treat your kids can give their friends for Valentine's Day but they're also a brilliant way to get the kids to eat more fruit!  They're so so easy to make the kids will even be able to help! 

 Froyo Bites for Valentine's Day

Heart Brownies

A creative twist on an old favorite!  This Heart Brownies recipe has been dreamt up by It's Always Autumn!  Aside from being absolutely delicious, it's also a really fun baking activity you can share with your kids! 

 heart brownies for valentines day

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ladybugs

These Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ladybugs by Princess Pinky Girl make the perfect healthy dessert for your kids to share on Valentine’s Day treat!  Chocolate Covered Strawberries are so delicious and so easy to make and even more fun when you make them into a Ladybug!

 chocolate covered strawberrys valentines day

Heart Shaped Cookies

For the more experienced bakers, we have these delicious Valentine’s Day heart-shaped sugar cookies from Hot Beauty Health.  This recipe doesn't have are crazy ingredients so they are super easy to make and you might find all the ingredients hiding in your kitchen!  Although a little more complicated these cookies are absolutely delicious and a sweet treat for your kids to hand to their besties! 

 Heart Shaped Cookies Valentine's Day

Heart Fruit Kebabs

One of our favorite delicious (and super duper easy) Valentine's Day treat for your kids are the Heart Fruit Kebabs from Simple and Seasonal.  These Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs are a healthy treat and would make a great Valentine’s Day breakfast or afternoon snack for the kids. 


Heart Shaped Fruit Kebabs Valentine's Day 

Heart-Eye Emoji Fruit

We LOVE this recipe from What Mom Loves!  It's a super simple and easy way to not only encourage kids to eat their fruit but also a fun way to have get them involved in the kitchen!  Serve them for a fun Valentine’s Day breakfast, snack or send them to school for the kids to share with friends!


Heart Emoji Fruit Valentine's Day 

Cupids Arrow Pretzels

For those who are low on time and love a quick sweet and salty treat, this recipe is for you! These Cupids Arrow Pretzels from One Little Project could not be easier to make with the kids, and aside from being cute Valentine's Day treats are a sweet treat for the kids to bring to school and share with friends!  Warning, sugar highs may follow! 

 Pretzel Heart Treats Valentine's Day

 Happy Valentine's Day and Bon Appetite!